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Sleep Your Way to the Top

Your sassy, go-to career handbook is here!  Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success) will soon be published by FGPress!

DOWNLOAD my first four chapters for free!  The whole book will be available on May 2nd in digital form ($4.99) or hardcover ($17.99).

I can’t wait to hear what you think!  Please let me know on Facebook, Twitter or right here at Jane Knows! … Continue Reading >>

Uncommon Stock by Eliot Peper

Eliot Peper is the first author for the newly-launched FGPress, the publishing house that will introduce my new book, Sleep Your Way to the Top, to the world in April! He is also my first guest blogger, and I am thrilled with the topic he tackles: commitment. Enjoy the post that follows and please check out Eliot’s fabulous new book, Uncommon Stock. – Jane

“I’ve always wanted to write a book, but…” is a sentence I’ve heard a lot lately. My first novel, Uncommon Stock, debuted last week in the top ten in its category on … Continue Reading >>

How to get great results in whatever you do? Bring your “A” game!

People react differently to you when you are totally “on.” Why? Because they can sense the energy and confidence that you have when you are at your peak performance. People are drawn to positive energy because it fills them up. Yep, we are all sources of giving energy and draining energy.

Think about yourself, wouldn’t you much rather be around someone who jazzes you versus someone who sucks the life out of you? I find myself trying to spend more time around people that energize me because it seems that their positive energy ignites my … Continue Reading >>

Be Miley! Be Hillary! Be You!

My good friend and book editor, Suzanne Kingsbury, just sent me this video link…
My first reaction to this clip was one of anger—how can people be so stupid and judgmental and intolerant in the year 2014?
Then I realized there will always be stupid, judgmental, intolerant people who will criticize us for being too thin and sexy or too fat and dominant.  It is impossible to get it right, if you are living up to someone else’s expectations.
This is the point I want to make today and for always: set your own standard for who YOU … Continue Reading >>