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Horrible Bosses Part IV: The All Stick, No Carrot

This post is part IV in a six-part series from Jane Miller’s book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success).

Some bosses just can’t say a nice thing. It is not in their DNA. Maybe they just got coal in their stockings at Christmas and harbor a belief that since they weren’t coddled no one else should be coddled either. 

Threatening has always worked for them in the past and they see no reason to not continue with this management style. Interestingly, you will find this boss is not always mean, but … Continue Reading >>

Horrible Bosses Part III: The Bi-Polar

This post is part III in a six-part series from Jane Miller’s book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success).

You just wish this “bi-polar” boss could take some drugs to stabilize his mood swings. You are just not sure who is going to show up to work.  Is it Dr. Jekyll…kind, motivational and interested in you and your good work?  Or Mr. Hyde…tyrannical and demeaning?

With this guy you just can’t do anything right. I worked for this boss type once and it was confusing. At one point, I was … Continue Reading >>

Horrible Bosses Part II: The Passive Aggressive

This post is part II in a six-part series from Jane Miller’s book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success).

The passive aggressive boss is tricky, because on the surface, he appears to have your best interests at heart.  In meetings, he will defer to you as though he is supporting your efforts.  That is how he lures you into his confidence. He pretends to be tuned into what you are doing and supportive of your actions.

But, the passive aggressive boss is very low on personal self-confidence and that manifests … Continue Reading >>

How to Outsmart Your Horrible Boss: A Six-Part Blog Series + Part I

“Let me tell you something. You stupid little runt. I own you. You’re my bitch. So don’t walk around here thinking you have free will, because you don’t. I could crush you anytime I want. So settle in, ’cause you are here for the long haul.” -Dave Harken, Horrible Bosses

I loved the movie, Horrible Bosses, from 2011.  And on November 26th, Horrible Bosses 2 makes its way into theatres around the country.  Although the bosses portrayed are truly horrible and suitable for an R rated movie, I hate to admit it, but the fiction is … Continue Reading >>

NewCo Showcases Boulder’s Top Innovators

A quickly growing and unique event called NewCo is coming to Boulder on Tuesday, November 18th.
NewCo partners with the community’s top companies for a day of up-close and personal insight inside their offices.  The event features a packed schedule showcasing 35+ companies who will share everything from behind-the-scenes tours of cutting-edge work environments, to founders sharing insights into their own entrepreneurial journeys.
Registrants are able to sign up for their top choice companies, get a rare, inside look at operations, and have the opportunity to meet key leaders.
The Kitchen Community, Justin’s, and TechStars are among … Continue Reading >>