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Own Your Charisma!

This past Wednesday, I was having a leisurely glass of wine with two friends discussing movies and past jobs and yellow pencil skirts when somehow the conversation took an unexpected turn.

To frame up the scene, Liz is in her thirties, Sandy is in her forties and me, well, I still can’t believe it, but I’m in my fifties.  Both gals shared a story of being in a situation where they were trying to be all business and their male counterpart viewed them as potential date material instead.  Since these are their stories, not mine, … Continue Reading >>

Everyday Mentoring

Over the past few months, I have had the chance to speak about mentoring on numerous occasions. I usually give examples of formal mentoring and tips on how to make that work for both the mentor and the mentee. I have found from the discussions after these speeches that many people find mentoring to be a bit intimidating: how do you find the right mentor? What is the responsibility of both parties in the relationship? What if the mentor is not a good fit?

While pondering these great questions, it occurred to me that mentoring doesn’t have to be so intense. That, in fact, each of us can do little things everyday to support someone else. Eye contact. Positive reinforcement of an idea. Just listening. I was so struck by the simplicity of this thought, that I asked a dear friend and my marketing guru, Mary Huron Hunter, to share her point of view on Everyday Mentoring.
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Innovation Beyond Fritos

Long ago and far away, I was the associate brand manager at Frito-Lay who brought the world a new product: Chili Cheese Fritos. (You are welcome.)

I was just reflecting on that accomplishment this weekend after sorting through old files and finding the November 3, 1986 Forbes article where there was the chili cheese story plus a picture of me at age 27 with this headline:  Product Manager Jane Miller, two years to reach the top.

The top!  My top at age 27!  Seriously?

But what I found more interesting as I reread the article was the … Continue Reading >>

More Myth-Busting About Business Success

Note: This post is a featured interview at NewHope360.com.

Jane Miller, the former CEO of Rudi’s Organic Bakery and author of Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success), shares the business wisdom she has soaked up from 30 years in the food industry.

newhope360: As a woman, is climbing up the career ladder in the food industry any different than doing so in any other industry?

Jane Miller: I don’t believe the food industry is any different than other industries for women. Climbing the ladder is about knowing your stuff cold, creating a great network of … Continue Reading >>

Girl Scouts vs. Mean Girls: Who Will Win?

Saturday I had the great pleasure of speaking to about 100 Girl Scouts, troop leaders and parents followed by a workshop with 14 girls from 7th to 9th grade.  To the large group, I spoke about how each girl could do whatever she wanted in her life, if she knew this secret: that building a successful life starts with personal confidence.  I told them confidence builds character and gives them the courage to stand up to the challenges that would surely come their way in life. Of course, I shared my background to give … Continue Reading >>