Answer Ten Short Career Questions for a Chance to WIN a Free, Two-Hour Career Mentoring Session

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Posted On: 9/25/2015

At Jane Knows, we want to make sure we are addressing the topics most critical to you in your career! We want to help you get noticed, get hired and get ahead...

So, if you could take just five minutes and fill out this survey, we will get valuable insight into your career needs and you will get a chance to win a FREE, two-hour mentoring session with me, Jane Miller, founder of Jane Knows and long-time CEO.

I’ll publish the total findings from the survey in October and announce the winner—it could be you!

Thanks for visiting, your online career resource! Hope to hear from you soon! -Jane

PS) All of your answers and input will be held in the strictest confidence and used/shared anonymously; thank you for your candor!