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Posted On: 6/4/2017

I was recently at Target corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, proudly wearing my Chip Chip Hooray T-shirt and handing out single serve bags of yummy product from my company, HannahMax Cookie Chips.  It was a crazy couple of hours as we motored through over three thousand bags of Cookie Chips!

I was compelled to write this blog after watching the thousands of happy faces stop by our little outpost.  Even though I imagine that these employees get all kinds of free stuff from all kinds of vendors on a very frequent basis, I was amazed that so many of our cookie recipients had a look of sheer joy at getting the product!  How fabulous it was to see so many people smile! jane knows

It made me wonder—how do we keep the smiles going? What if we could each do something sweet every day that could make a little difference in someone else’s life?

Since I have all the Cookie Chips that I could possibly want, here are a few other sweet things that have made me smile recently:

  • A book, A Gift from the Sea, showed up in my mail last week. It came from the owner of a Maui condo that I rented last month.  I have not met her, but we have corresponded a bit about life around us.  Uncannily, this very important book arrived after I had a very difficult week.  The subtitle was appropriate: An Answer to the Conflicts in our Life.  Although written over 60 years ago, it resonates as if written yesterday.  Please check it out here!
  • A bird’s nest with a bunch of little eggs and a momma was uncovered by a guy cleaning my gutters.  Instead of just chucking it in his efforts to finish his job, he sought me out to tell me about the treasure and ask if he could leave it in the gutter. So thoughtful, and yes, absolutely!
  • A compliment about my necklace happened at a recent board meeting.  I had forgotten that I was even wearing it, my most prized possession from my mother.  She has been gone 10 months now and it was so wonderful to touch the stone, smile and think of her.

A smile is contagious, and it never hurts to do something sweet!