Finishing My Book

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Posted On: 6/20/2013

My friends, I have a secret to share: I’m nearly done with my first book: Sleep Your Way to the Top (and Other Myths About Business Success)! Yea! It’s an amazing feeling to be so close to the finish line, however actually crossing that line is proving to be anything but a leisurely stroll. I had no idea that last 20% is harder than the first 80%. So, I want to let you all know that I’ve decided to give myself the opportunity (and the mind space) to focus on completing my book. This means that for a little bit you’ll hear from me less frequently on I won’t be gone, but between keeping the site content fresh, finishing the book, and serving as the leader my CEO day job deserves—all while trying to keep something of a personal life—well, I’m experiencing system overload! I’ll be back to my regular frequency of posts and insights in late July. In the mean time, I’ve tasked my trusty friend Skittles (pictured above) with keeping me corralled by my desk and typing away. I’m looking forward to sharing the result and the finished book with you, so stay tuned. - Jane