"Get Some Job Karma NOW!"

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Posted On: 11/4/2014

That title is Luke Vernon’s line, and I love it!  Luke is the founder of the amazing job posting website, Luke’s Circle. I love the site because it is a simple, low commitment way to investigate the kinds of jobs that are available in the Denver/Boulder market (he will be expanding outside of Colorado soon, so stay tuned!). As a potential job seeker, it is a great way to have a pulse on the types of jobs that are popping up. As a potential employer, it is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get exposure to your job posting without retaining an executive search firm (check out Rework.jobs if you want to hire a firm for one-to-one attention). In addition to job postings, Luke provides invaluable advice and tips for anyone in the business world. I met Luke for the first time last week and he told me that he has 7,000 folks who are actively following his posts.  The majority are not even looking for jobs, but instead are staying current on the job market.  I believe strongly that you can “create your serendipity” in your career by keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities.  By being connected to Luke’s

You can 'create your serendipity' in your career by keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities.

Circle, you are doing just that. Joining is simple as an individual: just submit your email address, first name and zip code.  Done.  Even if you are not in the Colorado market, you should sign up for his newsletter (you can do that without seeing the job postings) because his advice is top notch and relevant. Posting jobs is simple for companies: just $99 for the first job post, and he takes credit cards! HR managers take note: post jobs yourself so you can be current with the latest in competitive jobs and advice. I am thrilled to have met Luke and am really excited to be in his Circle!  Sign up now if you aren’t already on his list!