Horrible Bosses Part IV: The All Stick, No Carrot

Posted In: The Office
Posted On: 11/19/2014

This post is part IV in a six-part series from Jane Miller’s book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success). Some bosses just can’t say a nice thing. It is not in their DNA. Maybe they just got coal in their stockings at Christmas and harbor a belief that since they weren’t coddled no one else should be coddled either.  Threatening has always worked for them in the past and they see no reason to not continue with this management style. Interestingly, you will find this boss is not always mean, but instead just devoid of complements.  If you are looking for a pat on the head for work well done, well, you are not going to get it. How to deal with this Grinch? The biggest problem with this management style is that most of us want to work in an environment where we get praised for work well done. Employee surveys continually support that positive reinforcement can be as motivating as the money or benefit packages.  But, don’t hold your breath that a complement will come your way. It is not going to happen. My best advice is to find other ways to get recognized in the company.  Don’t look to the boss, but instead to your co-workers for feedback that will keep you engaged in the company.  Again, don’t take it personally, it is her problem not yours. We’re Not Done Yet...Next Up: The Glass is Half Empty Boss