Horrible Bosses Part V: The Glass is Half Empty

Posted In: The Office
Posted On: 11/21/2014

This post is part V in a six-part series from Jane Miller’s book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success). The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Did you just land a big sales deal?  This boss will congratulate you while asking how much margin you had to give up in order to secure the sale. Did you just bring your costs down by two cents per unit?  This boss will remind you that you are still five cents away from your goal. Did you just complete an amazing analysis explaining why competition is doing better than you? This boss won’t

Regardless of the news you bring, he is always going to be a Debbie Downer. 

recognize your great Sherlock Holmes work. Instead, he will question why it took you so long to get the answer. How to deal with this guy? First, understand that this view of the world was developed as a protective shield by the boss.  By always assuming the worst case, he can’t be surprised when something negative happens. (BTW, he is convinced that something negative will happen). Again, as with the other horrible bosses, this is not about YOU, it is about HIM. So, regardless of the news you bring, he is always going to be Debbie Downer. Just do the best job that you can and don’t over emphasize the positives of a situation.  Being overly optimistic makes this boss question your reliability.  Stay balanced with risks and opportunities and he will appreciate your objectivity. And Then, Sadly, There Is … The Idiot Boss. Tune in Next Week!