How to Transition into a Leadership Position

Posted In: Leadership
Posted On: 3/22/2017

Tyler: How do I transition from being an employee to being the manager?

Jane: When you transition to being a manager the first thing to do is look outside of yourself. When you move into a leadership position, you need to have a broader view of the world and understand the strengths and weaknesses of those people that are working for you, not just your own.

Tyler: How do you change the perception that you are no longer a peer, but instead the manager?

Jane: The most important thing is to make sure there are very clear expectations because it will be easier for your peers to work for you if they know what is expected of them. It is also critical not to become too self-important. You are not a different person when you become a leader, you just need to have a different perspective on how you relate to issues in the company.