How to Write a Great Resume - Dos and Don'ts

Posted In: First Jobs
Posted On: 3/22/2017

Sam: When interviewing a potential hire, what makes for a strong resume?

Jane: I look primarily for three things: 1) I want to see action words that show you’ve produced results, words like developed, created, initiated. 2) I want to see prioritization of your accomplishments so I do not have to struggle to find what’s most important. 3) Show me the real metrics to quantify the results you’ve included. On top of that, I want to see this in no more than two pages. I don’t look at anything longer.

Sam: Those are great “dos” for a resume, what about the “don’ts”?

Jane: Don’t share your personal information like pets, hobbies and interests on a resume; you can do that in the interview. For your resume you need to stick to work experience and educational background.