Jane Knows Rejection

Posted In: Things That Suck
Posted On: 5/30/2014

Earlier this year, I was asked to join the roster of a well-known speakers bureau as “fresh talent.” I was thrilled!  Me, speaking at events AND getting paid! I quickly created videos to demonstrate my speaking skills and from the very start they had an intro to my book, along with its eye-catching cover. I never received any offers to speak, and they canceled at the last minute when I was planning to fly to Washington to meet with them.  I did not give it a lot of thought as I figured it took awhile for customers to get familiar with “fresh talent.” Then I received this email (this is an excerpt) this week: Dear Jane, I’m sorry to report some disappointing news to you via email.  We’ve received feedback from some of our sales teams requesting to remove your page from our website as they felt the material was inappropriate for some of their customer base.   Signed,  Speakers' Bureau Person My first reaction was: what did I do wrong? What could I have done better? It was a real moment of self-doubt. Next, I circulated the email to my inner circle of confidants. Each person I asked had the same response: f—‘em! And everyone assured me that I wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization that thought I was too risqué! I share this story because we all get rejected at some time or another in our search for opportunities.  And most of us have the same reaction and blame ourselves for what we could have done better.  What Jane Knows is this: yes, be introspective if you get rejected.

If a company doesn't want you, you don't want them either. 

But more importantly, understand that if a company doesn’t want you, you don’t want them either. With that attitude, you will retain your personal power and go on to find the opportunity that IS right for you!