Millennial & Boomer Chat: How would others describe you?

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Posted On: 9/19/2016

WATCH NOW: How would you like others to describe you?

And READ ON as millennial career champion/mentor, Jane Miller, and millennial entrepreneur, Jake Hurwitz, weigh in on this question...

Jake: I would like others to describe me as a billionaire. Not in the sense of somebody who has made a billion dollars, but as somebody who has had a positive impact on a billion other people.

Jane: Wow, a billion other people.  That is a big number!  I like where you are going with that because it speaks of making a huge difference in lots of lives.  You might find this odd, but I am operating on a much smaller impact scale than you.  The word I would most want people to use to describe me is “generous.”  Generous with my time, my support, my friendship, my money, my love. I don’t have a number of people in mind, just a mental picture about the feelings those I have impacted would have about me.  What does positive impact mean when you think about the billion?jake hurwitz, jane knows, career resources millennials

Jake: Nobody has ever asked me that before. I think the positive impact simply comes down to adoption. By this, I mean that I strive to create and build something that is integrated and adopted into the lives of a billion people. Maybe it is a product,  a company, or even a blog post…I’m not sure yet, but it is definitely an exciting opportunity to figure this one out. So Jane, if you had the opportunity to touch the lives of a billion people, how would you do it? Maybe it would help to think of the term “billion” as a metaphor for “everyone that you know and everyone that they know and so-forth…”

Jane: I have to say that I would touch my “billion” by leading by example.  I want my actions in life to speak volumes and for people who I come in contact with to say, “Wow, I like how Jane rolls.  Everything she does is done with a respect and concern for the folks around her.” I believe by being kind and caring in a genuine way, my actions will be immolated by others and they will pay it forward.

Key takeaway: Jake says impact is adoption, where others are taking what we have done and bringing it into their lives. As managers, how do we create an environment where our employees’ work is seen by others, so that it can be adopted?

How to activate that concept: Create a forum where good work can be showcased to others in the work place.  Perhaps it is a “best practices” session where employees are encouraged to learn from each other and not feel like they have to reinvent the wheel. 

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