Millennial & Boomer Chat: What if Money Didn't Exist?

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Posted On: 9/19/2016

WATCH NOW: What would you do with your life if money did not exist?

And READ ON as millennial career champion/mentor, Jane Miller, and millennial entrepreneur, Jake Hurwitz, weigh in on this question...

Jake: If money did not exist, I would travel the world to experience and photograph as many cultures as possible. I would eat meals with strangers and sleep on the couches of newly formed friends. I would snowboard down the most intimidating mountains and mountain bike the most technical trails. I would capture the emotions and feelings that I experience through the photos that I take, and I would share them with the world. The best part, however, is that in real-life; I am already getting started on this journey.jane miller, career advice, millennials and career

But, Jane, I am anxious to hear your answer because whenever I ask a baby boomer that question, they have no clue!

Jane: Well, it is probably because at our age and circumstance, we boomers have the deep experience that money gives you power and with power you get freedom and with freedom you can do what you want…like travel the world!  So it all comes back to money!

For me, if money didn’t exist, I would still try to discover my unique talents and bring them to bear in the world.  Because even without money, there would still be great gulfs between people and their life situations and there would still be a need to create jobs and provide leadership, which are two of the things I feel I am good at.

It is such a great question because it gets to the root of something really important—do most of us work because we love what we do or do we work because we need money to fund the things that we really love?

Key takeaway: how do we, as managers, create environments where millennials (and all generations) love what they do?

How to activate that concept: the reality is that it is impossible to love every detail of a job every day.  But you can come to love an environment that is supportive, positive and brings out the best in you.  And listening to Jake’s answer, I hear more than just “travel.”  I hear that he is looking for experiences that challenge him.

Jane: For our next question, let’s explore:  “What is your perfect work day?”