My First Female Mentor

Posted In: Mentors / Networking
Posted On: 1/18/2017

I just received some very sad news today.  

The first female mentor in my career just passed away at the very young age of 63.  

Brenda Barnes was a director of marketing of Frito-Lay when I started my career.  She was one of the first female leaders at PepsiCo and as such had an impact on a whole generation of women, She was such a role model for me as she taught me the balance between being a strong business person and also an empathetic leader.  She knew how to get results while creating an environment where people wanted to work.  

She taught me that business results are forgotten, but the impact that you can make on a person’s career will always be remembered.

I had not seen her in over ten years and I am not even certain she knew what a big role she played in my career.  

If you have someone special like Brenda who is guiding you, please reach out and let them know the difference they have made.

God rest her soul.