Positive Attitude: A Millennial Reflects on Interviewing

Posted In: Confidence and Control
Posted On: 9/30/2015

positive attitude, professionalism, job huntingThis blog kicks off my series on the importance of a positive attitude in the workplace.  My first guest blogger is Chiara Freed-Myers, a student from the business minor capstone course I taught last semester at the University of Colorado Boulder. In the blog that follows, she honestly shares the feelings of rejection in her job search process.  But more important, she reveals how she is maintaining a positive attitude and learning from the experience.  I hope you are as motivated by her insightful blog as I am! -Jane 

Having a positive attitude is all about problem solving. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the negative aspects of something but it means that you find a way to turn those negatives into positives.

In my case, I am a recent graduate and have been spending countless hours searching for a career that will get me out of the service industry and into a profession full of passion. I have been on several interviews and have yet to receive that desired offer letter. I could choose to look at these rejections as failures and allow myself to throw a lousy pity party or I could turn these missed opportunities into learning lessons.

With each failed interview I am given the opportunity to ask recruiters what I could do better in the future and what it was that prevented me from landing the job. I have found that with each job that I have not received, I am getting that much better at interviewing and interacting with corporate level individuals as a whole.

Not only do I grow on a professional level, but each interview has allowed me to learn more about myself on an individual level. I have met many new people, learned about several new companies and even been able to see new parts of the country. Although it is difficult at times to keep a smile on my face after a series of rejections, focusing on turning the negative into positive has allowed me to continue my search with confidence.

And at the times that I have trouble focusing on the positive, I enlist the help of my loved ones or coworkers. Having a third party point out everything that is right in the world can make you realize how fortunate you truly are.