Q/A: How do I find a new job without experience in the Industry?

Posted In: First Jobs
Posted On: 2/25/2013

Q. My current employer is a small company that gave me a chance on a job that I wanted with no experience. Now I am starting to realize that a small company can’t pay the bills anymore. I have been sending resumes to find jobs but I’m not hearing anything back. How do I find something different with little experience in the field? From D. in Littleton, CO

A. My question for you is this—do you like the small company and the work even if it does not pay enough to cover your expenses? If your answer is “yes,” then I would encourage you to stay with the company and gain the experience. In this job market, you will find that many employers are really looking for people that have some relevant experience. So, even if you are not making much money, developing relevant experience can help you secure a better paying job down the road. I know it may be tough on you personally, but perhaps you can get a second job that will help pay the bills in the short term. Taking that second job, while you gain experience in your primary job, will also signal to a potential employer that you’re willing to do “whatever it takes” to get things done. Employers love that attitude! Don’t be discouraged about not getting responses when you send out your resume. If you are sending it out to people that you do not know or for positions where your experience is not an obvious fit, there is a very high probability that you will not get a response. Companies get so many resumes sent to them that you need some way to stand out. The best way for someone to take your resume seriously is for you to arrange an introduction to the company from someone who has a connection. This is why networking is so important in your job search. If you have been able to make an impression on a new contact, they will most likely be willing to introduce you to someone they know at the company. So the couple of key takeaways for you: 1) low-paid relevant experience can really help you pave the way for your next, higher paid job; 2) do some research on how you can start to network in the industry. Patience and diligence are two very important attributes when you are looking for your next job!