Saying Your Words Out Loud

Posted In: Confidence and Control
Posted On: 6/26/2014

This week I had an experience that surprised me a lot. I started to record the audio version of my book, Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success), over at eTown Hall.  I wrote the book over a two-year time frame, and I have read it over and over in the editing process.  But this was the first time I had ever read it out loud. Saying the words out loud had a profound impact on me. The chapters seemed more raw, more urgent, more poignant. Perhaps it was because I needed to match my vocal emotions with the real emotions I felt when I went through each situation. But the real message I wanted to share was the confidence I felt when I read about the stuff I have done right. It was powerful! I always recommend that you capture your accomplishments and learnings in a WOW (What Obviously Works) journal. And then on a day that is not so great, go back and read the entries that reinforce how great you are! After my audiobook experience, I want you to not only read your entries when you need a confidence boost, but say them out loud. And say them like you are recording your own story. Try it, and let me know how it goes!