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I am very excited to be a scribe on a new site called  Check it out!  Below please find my latest contribution. Help is Not a Four Letter Word Many entrepreneurs believe that asking for guidance is synonymous with weakness. Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again. HELP is Not a Four

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As has been said, knowing oneself is a key to success in life…and also in business. Speaking for myself, even with thirty years of experience, Jane Knows that she is not so great at negotiating. But believe me, it’s a skill worth having and that’s why I am so happy to share the advice of a real expert on the subject!

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Several years ago, I found the book Into Thin Air to be a great guide on the importance of having a strong team as demonstrated by a fateful climb of Mount Everest. Last week, getting to the “top” took on even greater relevance when I heard Erik Weihenmayer speak. As you may have

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What work environment works for you? What would you do if that was uprooted?

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Starting a new career can be daunting, so how do you navigate the corporate hunger games?

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