WOW Advice to Millennials from a Millennial, Part Three

Posted In: Soft Skills
Posted On: 1/26/2016

In this final blog of the three part series: Advice to Millennials from a Millennial, Greer Van Dyck distills HER best advice for other millennials.  I am especially impacted by her thoughts about “be true to the person that you are.”  If you haven’t done your 2016 Dream Board yet, use Greer’s thoughts in this next post to launch your plans for this year! - Jane

Instructions for Millennials

1. Remember everyone you come across has a story. Each person has been through their own set of battles that you don’t have any clue about, so approach them with kindness. We as human beings are judgmental by nature and we walk around in this life making assumptions about where people have been and who they are today. Countless times I have had ‘character building moments’ where my actions preceded my consideration of the ‘everyone you come across has a story’ notion. So I invite you to try this on for size for this runs parallel to living life in a way that maximizes opportunity and minimizes regret.Jane Knows, Jane Miller, career advice, soft skills

2. Be true to the person that you are, there is nothing that you need to prove to anyone. First off, I acknowledge that this is WAY easier said that done. We are a product of this ever changing and expanding environment and constantly struggling with the ‘how much can I do’ conversation. So what would your life be like if you didn’t battle outside influences? How would you feel just knowing that you as you are is good enough?

3. Identify solid attainable goals (personal, professional, emotional, physical) and take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Goal setting is a loaded conversation and there are plenty of perspectives on what works best. In my life thus far, I have stumbled far more when I created goals that were big. I always had it in my head that I had it handled, and I was up for the challenge. This cycle really created an unhealthy management of my expectations and self worth. Going slow to go fast has become my motto, so try it on for size and see what it is like for you. There is nothing wrong with NOT achieving a goal if you are trying, it just provides room for adjustment.

4. Participate and engage. We live in a bustling world with an extreme amount of information at your fingertips. Anything you want to know is available to you within seconds. So find what you are passionate about, and learn about it, participate in it, engage with it, and integrate it into your life. There is a beautiful saying that I love that reads: "Decide what it is you want. Write it down. Make a plan. And work on it. Every. Single. Day."